If a patient has a potentially infectious condition (e.g. influenza, TB, MRSA, chickenpox, measles) please notify reception on arrival as isolation and surgical mask may be needed.

Appointments can be made to see certain doctors while other doctors work without appointments. If you would like to see a particular doctor, please either check what time they are available on this website.

All urgent/emergency cases will be seen to as quickly as possible. If you expect your consultation to go longer than normal, please make an appointment to make sure you are allocated the right amount of time. All patients have the option to see the doctor of their choice.

Alternatively, call us on (08) 9260 5200.

Swan Medical Online Booking

We do not take bookings via email. You must dial the number above to make an appointment. Online booking services are available above to make your appointment bookings easier.

Sometimes circumstances change and you may not be able to keep your appointment. Please let us know as soon as possible so that the appointment time can be allocated to another patient. Patients that do not turn up for their appointment, or do not give adequate notice, will be charged a non-attendance fee $20.